ComboLab IT

Str. Tudor Vianu, 5-7, Bucuresti

ComboLab IT

By combining the CardioLab IT Electrophysiology System with the Mac-Lab IT Hemodynamic System, GE provides a cost-effective solution that allows dual use of your cardiac cath lab. ComboLab IT, powered by Centricity® Carddas Xi2, is designed to acquire, store and manage clinical data, delivering efficiency in clinical workflow and reporting.

In hemodynamics, our real-time data acquisition TRAM® module adds maximum system reliability. In electrophysiology, our CLab II Plus Amplifier brings high-quality signals for exceptional intracardiac recordings. Whether a simple or complex EP case, ComboLab IT’s advanced clinical tools help physicians expedite diagnosis.

GE‘s X-ray Innova family now comes with the easy-to-use intuitive Central Touch Screen, which provides unprecedented remote control of the basic functions of ComboLab IT at the bedside.

CARTO XP 3D Mapping System Interface
GE X-ray Innova table-side touch screen interface
CardioImage Fluoroscopy Image Management System
32/64/96/128 channel CLab II Plus Amplifier
Enhanced mapping tools (includes pace mapping, activation and interval alignment)
Connectivity to RF Ablation generator(s)
Networking solutions, such as remote waveform review and Nurses’ Workstation, for simultaneous data entry with waveform archive
Easy access to raw waveform data (data extraction), binary & ASCII formats
Integrated Vitals with Audible Indicators
End-Tidal CO2
Connectivity to holding area bedside monitors: GE Dash 3000/4000 and GE Solar 8000M monitors
Coronary diagramming module
Continuous ST Segment analysis window
Pediatric functionality with Interface to PedCath
Full-disclosure data saving to the network or DVD disc media